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Pension auto-enrolment – can all your employees read the notices?

30th June, 2014

Employee communication requirements are set out very clearly in the pension auto-enrolment process, with key dates when you need to be writing to them. Clayton & Brewill’s Chloe Hughes reminds employers to consider those who need an alternative to a letter.

As an employer, you will no doubt have heard of pension auto-enrolment and are hopefully considering how to prepare for it in your business.

Part of the process involves communicating with your workers, including giving them details of the scheme, the start date, and the contributions they will be expected to make. There are a number of key milestones on which these communications must be sent, in writing, to each employee.

What if an employee can’t read the letter?

If you have workers who are unable to read or are not fluent in English then you need to consider making an alternative provision for your communications. The obvious route is to arrange a meeting with workers to explain the scheme, the start date and so forth and to then speak to employees on a one-to-one basis to advise them of their individual details and requirements. We also recommend that you issue the written communications in the employees’ first language if you are able to.

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You can also find more useful resources on our pension auto-enrolment page.

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